We provide management consulting services to high net worth individuals, private equity firms and owner-managed businesses to improve investor returns.

We analyse companies to be acquired and help to negotiate and manage the acquisition.

We assist management in the business planning process, comparing actual to planned results to advise on improving profits and cashflow.

Completing the investment cycle, having helped to grow the business, we will ultimately advise on its sale.

Case Studies

The following are examples of typical assignments we have undertaken, all underpinned by detailed analysis using our accounting skills.

Property Portfolio

Raising finance and negotiating for the acquisition of a residential property rental portfolio in London, liaising with tax advisers to set up appropriate structure, managing the lettings agent and calling them regularly to ensure the properties were rented swiftly.

Replacing the agent with a lower cost in-house manager, ensuring tight control over purchase invoices and cutting costs to maximise profit.

Preparing monthly management accounts to track the business and make recommendations to improve results. Selling properties to realise a significant capital gain.

Family Office

Managing the back office on behalf of a wealthy family, controlling costs and making payments on their behalf.

Setting up of accounting software and implementing paperless office procedures resulting in improved internal controls and significant audit savings.

Producing monthly management accounts for them to understand the maintenance costs of each property they own, the staff costs and travel costs per person, for example, in order to make savings, establish a budget and operate within it.

Preparation of consolidated balance sheet detailing the family’s worldwide assets and liabilities in order to achieve better control.

Transport Sector

Preparing monthly management accounts, reviewing all purchase invoices and making recommendations to improve performance.

Chairing of monthly sales meetings and providing sales reports to ensure that all opportunities are pursued.

Payroll processing, submitting quarterly VAT returns and dealing with company secretarial matters. Advising on strategic decision to purchase industrial property instead of continuing to rent and face rent increases, liaison with the bank to provide finance.

Music Industry

Working with a former pop star to prepare a business plan to set up offices in London and Los Angeles to manage well-known music artists, organising their tours and producing music albums.

Considering growing the business by reviewing buying portfolios of rights to the music of artists and mergers and acquisitions to speed up growth by acquiring other music industry managers and hence absorb their artists and income streams. Monthly monitoring of business performance against plan and making recommendations for improvements.

Conference Organising Group

Preparing a detailed business plan for a quoted conference organising group of companies with operations in eight countries.

Bringing of accounting in-house, preparation of consolidated monthly management accounts and establishing key performance indicators in order to assess performance by country and by activity.

Carrying out shareholder presentations and raising finance supported by the plan, which was also used to inform a salesforce of 200 people of their weekly goals, measuring their performance against these targets, reduce costs and hence maximise profits.